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The below video is a great introduction to our group.  It highlights who we are, some of the things we do, and why we do it!  Wonderfully composed by a former ISO volunteer =)

WELCOME to the International Student Outreach (ISO) website!

When students travel from their homelands to the USA to attend college they are, unfortunately, a very long distance away from their family, friends, and familiar environments.  This transition can be a very scary and challenging time for many international students.  International Student Outreach (ISO) exists to help create a friendly atmosphere at local universities for international students, helping them in whatever area they are in need.

From the time an international student starts making arrangements to come to the USA,  to the time they have to return home or simply move on from the university, we are here to help.

Most of all, ISO exists to show the love of Jesus Christ to people from all nations!

We are made up of volunteers from just about every part of the campus community.  Most volunteers are current students, student alumni, or staff.  We come from various countries, speak some different languages, and all have diverse cultural backgrounds. 

We help new and existing students in many of the following ways:
-Providing airport pick-ups
-Providing temporary host families
-Assistance with finding permanent and affordable housing
-Providing tours of the campus and the city
-Assistance in the college entrance process
-Assistance in opening bank accounts
-Assistance in purchasing a USA cell phone and/or phone plan

ISO also has other activities to assist students once they arrive on campus.  Activities such as:
-Providing conversational English partners
-Assisting students with shopping
-Arranging family play dates for students with children
-Hosting International socials that allow new students to meet other students and make friends
-Campus Church services
-Discovering Christianity Group Bible studies
More details on these activities (and others) with their respective times and locations can be found on our CALENDER/EVENTS/PLANNING page (link found here
Please  consider becoming a member of our Facebook group "International Student Outreach" as we also send out event invitations and notices through this group.

ISO is based at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus.  We currently have other ISO groups in Mankato, MN at Minnesota State University and in St. Cloud, MN at St. Cloud State University.  We hope to have other ISO groups at various colleges and universities throughout the USA in the future.


For information on the ISO group at the U of MN, Twin Cities campus please contact:

Pete and Amber Peterson
phone:  612-232-0099
Pete's email:
Amber's email:
Facebook group: International Student Outreach

For information on the ISO group in Mankato, MN at Minnesota State University please contact:
Johnathan and Heather Bislew
phone: 612-644-0422
Johnathan's email:
Heather's email:
Facebook group: International Student Outreach at MSU

Please check out the rest of this website for more information.

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